1. Cosy Haven @ Mandale Heights
      2. Form Follows Function @ Jalan Gumilang
      3. Easy Living @ The Waterside
      4. Tropical Retreat @ Caspian
      5. Mirror Mirror on the wall @ The Hillside
      6. Luxurious Comfort @ Ardmore Park
      7. All Recipes @ Aspen Heights Condominium
      8. Bronze Grandeurs @ Casa Merah Condominium
      9. Life is Great! @ Hillview Heights Condominium
      10. Hidden Treasure @ Leonie Hill Residences
      11. Simple Make Perfect @ Parc Palais Condominium
      12. Resort Living @ Season's Park Condominium
      13. Retro-is me @ The Anchorage Condominium
      14. Main Stream @ The Anchorage Condominium
      15. Simply Irresistible @ The Cascadia Condominium
      16. Bachelor Pad @ The Raintree Condo
      17. The White House @ Jalan Ishak
      18. Daily Treat @ Mayflower Road
      19. Geometrical Balance @ West Coast Lane
      20. Living High @ East Coast Terrace
      21. Serendipity @ Woodlands
      22. Living Like a Queen @ Fajar Road
      1. Japan Ours @ Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant at Oasia
      2. Hungry Go Here @ Rakuichi Sushi Japanese Restaurant at Greenwich Village
      3. I Live @ The Urbanite at Hertford Road

Habitat One provides residential and commercial interior design solutions. Interior design, although is not a rocket science, does require industry skills and knowledge in design elements, material selection, manufacturing and installation processes, environment impact etc to produce a quality project.

Interior design in Singapore can be affordable if you choose the right interior design consultant, with our wide networks of material suppliers, we make sure you get the best value for your interior design materials.

We diversify design using innovative ideas

  • Convert your vision into reality
  • Elegance is simplicity, living and stylish interior
  • Innovative is infinite, we keep our edge sharp
  • Design excellence & comfortable
An interior architect with 15 years experience in Singapore, Habitat One has produced many quality interior design projects. Our consultants are experienced professionals whose skill that was honed through many project implementations. Their hands on experience enable them to interact and guide our team and contractors to complete projects within the timeline, allowing you to move in with peace of mind. If you are concerned about cost and budget, no worries, your assigned interior architect consultant will provide advice on how to design within budget yet retain design originality.

As your appointed interior architect and renovation partner we put customer relationship in the fore front, keeping communications channels open to you with timely reports and updates. We take great pride with every project to ensure you as a customer is satisfied with your home renovation.